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Credible & Integrity

  • We are professional, honest and have integrity.

  • We are registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers, South African Institute of Valuers and the National Association of Managing Agents.

  • Our inspectors are trained through The South African Home Inspection Training Academy.

  • One of our staff members was the  FICA officer at a law firm.

Modern Office


  • We have more than 2 decades of experience.

  • We have valued thousands of properties, with more than 20 different types of properties and for more than ten reasons.

  • We have valued businesses / companies in the different sectors.

  • We have also determined the IP values of various businesses / companies, which add more value to your business and which we are extremely focused on.

  • We perform valuations throughout South Africa.

Why use SA Valuations

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Reliable & Accurate

  • Our valuations will stand up in court.

  • Our valuations are reliable and valid, as it is backed up by extensive research and opinions.

  • Accredited and qualified valuers / appraisers.

  • Our reports are signed by professionally qualified valuers / appraisers.

  • We have Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI Cover), which minimize your risk.

  • Some of our staff members worked in the deceased estate and conveyancing departments at law firms and therefore know exactly what is required during these circumstances.

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Professional Property Valuers

About Property Valuations
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