Valuation Services

We perform various valuations. Our registered valuers are experts in the field and ensure the delivery of professional accurate and timely reports.

Their knowledge, skill and experience provide valuation advice across all property types.

These valuations are prepared for the following reasons:

  • Market Value Valuations (Sale & Purchase)

  • Market-Related Rental Valuations

  • Bank Valuations (Private Valuations)

  • Municipal Valuations (Objection to Municipal Valuations)

  • Insurance Valuations (Replacement Valuations)

  • Estate Plannning

  • Deceased Estates

  • Divorces / Litigation

  • Sequestrations / Liquidations

  • Financial Statements

  • Capital Gain Tax


Movable Asset Valuations

(Includes Furniture, Cars, Classic Cars, Artwork etc.)

We perform valuations on all movable asset types. Normally these valuations are required for insurance, sale / purchase or deceased estate purposes.

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Valuation of Companies

Companies / Close Corporations / Partnerships / One Owner Businesses

We can determine the value of your company / business including its goodwill.

Property Valuations

Houses/ Sectional Title Units, Commercial and Industrial Properties, Agricultural Properties, Farms, Churches, Golf Estates, Guest Houses, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Petrol Filling Stations, Game Lodges etc.

We perform valuations on all immovable properties, taking into account the condition, location and unique features.


Valuations of SA Coins

We value all SA Coins

Value depends on the condition and mintage.


Plant / Machinery Valuations

Insurance, Market and Liquidation Purposes

We also perform valuations on Industrial Plants and Machinery.


Desktop Valuations

Quick Market Valuations

Valuations are done on Vacant Land, Sectional Title Units and Residential Houses Only.

Additional Services


Business Plans

We provide individuals with a professional business plan. Our business plans are formal written documents containing business goals, the methods to achieve these goals and the times frame within which these goals need to be achieved.

The business plans describe the nature of the business, background information on the organization, the organization's financial projections, and the strategies it intends to implement to achieve the stated targets.

Business plans are often required to obtain a bank loan or other kind of financing.


Property Inspections

We have property inspectors with the necessary qualifications and experience of immovable property.

We specialize in property inspections and have various inspection types available.


10 Year Maintenance Plans

Prescribed Management Rule 22 of the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act basically requires a body corporate to draw up 10 year plans in which they estimate the total maintenance costs needed and save towards the required amount.

We can provide such professional 10 year maintenance plans.


Unique Packages

With our unique monthly membership package, you will receive yearly reports detailing the relevant values. Instead of high once-off-costs, you pay small monthly premiums.

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Professional Property Valuers

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0861 VALUATIONS (0861 825 828)