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Unique Monthly Package

Throughout your life, you will require valuations for:

  • Applying for a bond

  • Insurance Purposes

  • Municipal Rates Objection

  • Will & Estate Planning

  • Deceased Estate

(Just to mention a few)

With our unique monthly membership package, you will receive yearly reports detailing the relevant values, which you will require for the above-mentioned reasons. Instead of high once-off-costs, you pay a small monthly premium.

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Glass Buildings

Comprehensive Packages

Want to know if the price of a property is correct and if the condition of the house is good? Looking for a valuation of a property, as well as a pre-purchase inspection?

With our comprehensive package, we can include a property valuation and property inspection at a discounted rate.

Looking for a replacement valuation on a sectional title scheme, as well as a 10-year maintenance plan?

With our comprehensive package, we can include both at a discounted rate.

Unique monthly packages are also available with these comprehensive packages.

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Professional Property Valuers

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